Day One….Just for the Newbies

Wheww.. applying all that information still hurts my brain.  Today I started with  the lovely advice I gleaned from the fabulous brain of Erin Walker.  First, consistency is KING! (I know not rocket science) Everything must have the same look and feel.  Colors, text, what is your brand? What words and images convey your brand?  Write them down, create visual images, use the same text, create templates and know what is the exact color you use? Write the number of those colors down!!


I spent the night pinning images, drinking wine and listening to the sweet sounds of 1920’s music… (my job is kinda awesome)  this speaks to the Night Market Edmonton brand… Why do I have a mermaid? What is a Night Market? How is it NOT a farmer’s market? These are the questions which beg an answer, in a smart UN-corporate way.

Then it was time to update my blog and my website to ensure everything was consistent. I spent hours lost in images, fonts (who knew there were so many out there!) and well Pinterest and I have always been friends…. but now, we are something more.

What did I learn? Night Market Edmonton = Upcylce + Community + Speakeasy…. this was difficult to communicate until I applied the lessons learned.  I made my “brand bible” and I will run everything I do through that lens.

Thanks Erin.

p.s. thanks Carson McKee… I decided I am a mermaid…. Baroness will have to wait 🙂

Step One done…. next? Marketing Strategy

cafe vintage


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