Month: January 2017

Business Cards are Obsolete…except for Canadians


Today during a business meeting I engaged in the ritual. I ask for a business card, I staple it in my note book and write notes about the meeting. I give a business card.

The idea about business cards came up in the discussion, while I was looking for one of mine. I pulled out a rather flashy metallic, flexible card and we talked about the card. The card was not easy to read due to its reflectiveness.

It was then I realized… what point do business cards serve? Both of us admitted they end up in a ‘pile’ of some sort. They are no longer relevant unless you live in Canada. Then they do serve one very important purpose.

Due to the rigorous marketing regulations of CASL (the Canadian Anti-Spam Law), business cards can be your save you. According to CASL, a business card can serve as proof for consent and allow you to market to your contacts. To avoid the potential crippling, fines attached to inadvertently violating one of the many restrictions of CASL, collecting business cards in order to store them as records of consent is worth the investment. That’s it. Just one reason that I could come up with. (OK.. that and free draws… there that is two)

Doesn’t matter if they are splashy, if you have a bottle opener or USB as one… no one will use this as a reminder. Besides your website has the most current information. Make your website name easy to remember and memorable… it will serve you better than any business card ever will.

Happy Friday

While Friday for many means and end to the week, for me it means the end of the week for one of my jobs…

Business never sleeps and my eyes are a testament to the amount of time I spend on my computer… too much.

The marketing machine never sleeps, is always hungry and very demanding!

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Foursquare…. the list goes on and on.  How will I ever keep up?

Change is Tough

Just Change Your Shoes


Change is tough.   It is easy to do what you have always been doing, even when you know it is time for something to change.

This year I had to make a decision that meant a huge change.  I have a process for change.  The first part of the process for me is letting go.  I know if I do not accept that change means I will likely have to give something up I am not ready.  This process takes a lot of inner dialogue.  Then a lot of outer dialogue with anyone who will listen.

Ultimately, after receiving a more advice than I can integrate I realize they all mean well.  Hell, I am the one who asked for the advice aren’t I? It is personal opinion and no one can feel what is in my heart or hear what is truly in my head.  It is up to me.

Without change we can not develop, grow and become more than we were before.  You know those people who still talk, act, do the same things and have the same hair style as high school? Maybe change was too overwhelming for them? Who knows… I just know I changed my shoes and I am changing it up.


Something exciting is coming…. and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings.