Month: March 2017

Just Sayin’


the odds of us being born in the life we have now, here, in Canada are comparable to winning the lotto every week for a year.  Yet, we are always looking at the next step before we enjoy the one we are on.  I distinctly remember “If I could just do ______ insert any goal” and having achieved that goal I am already looking at the step ahead of me thinking ” Well, that step looks so nice, look at what that step has that this one doesn’t, maybe this step is not as good as I thought it was and I really should have thought more about the other one”.  Then the cycle begins, the never ending hamster wheel to more.  In the process we miss enjoying our kids grow up (if they could just be older) or are parents, our partners, our jobs… Funny thing, that monster is insatiable and no matter where you are, how much you achieve, how much money you have there will ALWAYS be someone who has more.  There is no one winner in this race and you will not be declared “World Winner”.

When we slow down and think about what we need to be happy, we are often surprised by how much we really need.  Television, magazines, the news tell you excess is better…. I am not a sheep, so I will vintage shop, not feed the hungry monster who makes us need and then pushes us to show everyone on every form of social media how we are winning.


For now, I am going to enjoy the step I am on thank you very much.

I hate to admit it… but yes I liked Seth Godin

Today I listened to a podcast with Seth Godin.  I have to admit I am immediately turned off by anything that “you must see, hear, read” … the popular vote usually is just the sheep agreeing with the masses.  I like to discover things without bias.  I concede, I enjoyed Seth… he made me feel like a genius.  I realized I am an artist. I love his notions about how the world is now defined by how we connect with others.  We have everything at our fingertips, no one says “no” except us to ourselves.  That means that those who connect and giving gifts to others is where it is at.

I agree more is not better.. that is confirmed (to me at least) and by WEM.  How can that mall be busy everyday around the year? I seriously do not need any more shit and I certainly do not believe I am less than because I do not have it.  Does it make you happier? Only until you need the next thing. What matters to me is laughing with others, truly listening to what is in peoples hearts and being a benefit to anyone who needs it.

Thanks Seth… yes, you are awesome!  I kinda want to have a beer with you, Iliza Shlesinger, Chelsea Handler and Lisa.  Cheers.

Just Sayn’

I know what I want in my life.  I am lucky to work on my own dreams and not someone else’s.  I love what I do.  I am so fortunate to live where I can (and have) go to school, work, dream and build the life of my choosing.  We all have this opportunity living in Canada.  We are referred to as the “Canadian Dream”, surpassing the US in education, home ownership, longevity and better health outcomes at half the price.

130 million women around the world are uneducated.  They do not have the same choices.  Being a global citizen comes with the responsibility of caring for all the people, not just some.  An educated women is 6x more likely not to become a child bride.  It seems like a simple solution to me… give education.

Tomorrow, March 08, 2017, is international women’s day.  I stand beside my ONE colleagues to be a voice for women to have access to education.

Just Sayn’


Being the architect of my life means there is no boss telling me what to do, how to do it and when.  That’s tough.

Being the architect of my life means I do not know if I am going down the right path or what lies ahead.  That’s tough.

Being the architect of my life means when I can’t figure it out, I usually have to be my own tech support.  That’s tough.

Being the architect of my life means I will live my dreams and not someone else’s. That’s easy.


Today, was a long tough day.  Not for any reason in particular.  14 hour days just do that to a person.  I spend too much time at my computer and my eyes are paying the price.  I work all day at one job and then come home to life, my other job and building the dream.  It sure is not livin’ the dream… at least not yet.  Funny thing is there never seems to be enough hours in the day… how does that happen?

One thing at a time, it all adds up I keep telling myself.  There are some things I have to accept do not fit on my plate right now and I am ok with it.  Everyone has something they always knew they would do.  You might not be doing it, I am pretty sure you knew what it was when you were just a child.  It was the thing that you dreamed of when you were lying on your back looking up at the sky or your bedroom ceiling.  You knew exactly how it would feel to be whatever that was and it always made you smile.  It was not a dream then, it was fact.  There was no doubt in your mind about how it would all work out.

Did you forget about it, push it aside? Are you living it now or wishing you were.

You are the boss of you, no one else is… be your own architect.