66 6 isnt always bad


Approaching my 66 day of night market in the six year of business equates to 666.  For some this would be a bad omen, but not for me.   Yesterday was a small milestone in a series of small steps that are easy to overlook. Today I choose to celebrate.  In 2013, during what was the most harrowing and scary time in my life, a small ray of sunshine found its way to me and I decided to start a night market.  This was the beginning of the adventure that has given me joy when I thought I had none, peace where I thought none existed and a new future to work towards when I was no longer sure where I was going or if I would ever get anywhere.

I knew immediately I would not become a farmer’s market, night market was going to be different.  It would be a socially minded, happy “3rd place” for people to gather while quietly doing good one night market at a time….to be continued

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