66 6 isn’t always bad #3

Image result for banging head on wall


I kept soliciting vendors, tried to get more people to come out.  It was a horrible catch-22 I couldn’t get people to come because I had hardly any vendors and I barely had any vendors because people were not coming.  Some vendors were gracious and understood I was trying hard.  I would spend every Thursday before night market walking around downtown for hours writing our information on the sidewalk in chalk, pointing people in our direction.  Balloons on light standards, paper flyers… I walked and walked and tried and tried.  Sometimes after all that work it rained on Friday and washed away all my chalk drawings.  That would leave me completely deflated. Add the chaos of my life, the two jobs I had on top of night market to pay the bills and I should have been at the end of my sanity.  I certainly was not making a single cent at night market.  What kind of crazy person pays to work?  It was great for my diet… I had never been so thin……TO BE CONTINUED

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