66 6 isn’t always bad #4

The rest of the season did not go much better.  I had  a few more vendors and a few more people came and went.  I made a couple sales. Each Friday was another lesson in humility, patience and avoidance… just because you build it does not mean they will come.  Sitting in an empty lot with vendors staring you down because there is no one else to look at takes a lot out of a gal.

Image result for dejected

When I wasn’t at work or my side hustle, I attended events. Lunch and learn, networking, social media workshops. I was constantly asked “What is a night market anyways?”…not easy to explain when the idea in your head does not meet the reality on the street.  It is tough to be confident when the thought of having another unsuccessful Friday night market with or without rain was worse than eating glass.  They never tell you in business 101 that less than 1% of all new businesses start out the gate as a roaring success.  I kept telling people it’s a “market” at “night” seemed simple to me.

The season closed and breathed a deep sigh of relief.  I scheduled night market for 15 weeks and I completed 15 weeks. That was a success in itself.  I did not make any money, the summer almost stole my entire soul and I was sad, dejected and certain I was  never , ever in a million years going to do anything that ego crushing again.  Back to two jobs instead of three, I needed the sleep anyways….TO BE CONTINUED

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