31 Days Open for Business – Year One

There are 365 days in a year.  My “doors’ had been open for business for a total of 15 days and I was ready to throw in the towel.  What I needed was some time to lick my wounds. I was fortunate, I could close my doors and go off to cry silently in a corner and not have to get up and do it again if I didn’t want to.  I think of that every time I walk into a new restaurant and I am the only one who is there.  They have no where to hide.



My memories from when I was a  little girl, as I lay in my bed dreaming, was about having my own business.  I did not dream about  princess dresses and a handsome knights to rescue me.  I dreamt of a powder blue power suit, with big shoulders and a Mercedes Benz.   I have tried many businesses over my years, I sold nutrition products and lingerie… online sales, flipping houses, putting together products at home, writing books, computer work. None were particularly satisfying or successful.  The first spark of joy hit me when I ran my first Christmas craft market.  My daughter was a baby, my spouse was finishing a second degree in university and we were dirt poor.  Sometimes I think our floor didn’t even have any dirt… that’s how poor we were.  My meager profits from the event paid for the our Christmas tree and some presents.  Something felt right….TO BE CONTINUED

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