31 days in one year


I had bought into the dream of revitalizing the downtown core.  I was in love with the idea.  That is usually a red flag in business.  Being in love with something does not always mean it will translate to other people loving it.  Strangers, friends and family love to give business advice… even when they have never run a business in their life.  Go to “Whyte Ave” was the cry… it is where the people are.  Although this was true, I was steadfast in my desire to want to support the growth of the downtown core.  Too bad the city did not feel the same way about me as I did them.

Each step was a another lesson in patience and inequity.  Farmer’s markets are beloved by the city and the residents alike. They have been romanticized in rose color glasses from a time that has long since passed.  The origin of a farmer’s market started to help FARMERS where people made and grew their food and needed a place to sell it.


“a farm selling products, when
the products come from a farmer’s farm and the sale is
conducted by the farmer from the farm”

Image result for farmers market

The intention of a farmer’s market is not for the cat lady making candy in her kitchen or the man making unknown dog treats from his toaster oven in his basement.  Yes, yes …there are a lot of amazing “home-made” , “home-grown” products and people out there.  I am just not clear how someone who makes dog treats at home can sell them in a farmer’s market but not a public market.  The kitchen has not changed…. just sayin’….TO BE CONTINUED

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