Month: January 2020

A “tastevin” if you please…

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I think I will make the Tastevin cool again… it seems only fitting for the Head Mermaid & Sommelier of night market right?  Besides how amazing would it look with my faux fur coat, and a long silver chain adorned with a small but tasteful Tastevin? #justsayin

The Tastevin was originally designed by a winemaker in Burgundy – where a high-level wine society called the ‘Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin’ – was named after the tasting cup.

It is a relatively small, shallow silver cup or saucer, with a thumb-handle – which was and is used by winemakers and négociants when judging the maturity, quality, clarity and the taste of a wine – (typically from barrel in the cellar).

It was created to judge the clarity and colour of wine that was stored in dim, candle-lit wine cellars. There are references to the use of Tastevin’s in old manuscripts of the 14th and 15th centuries and the earliest English tastevin is dated 1603.


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Still Ticking On…

The weather reprieve has finally arrived and it feels so good.  The things in my world are still revolting… however last night I had a dream that I left my bag on the shore to go for a swim (I know who would do that), I had a weird swim with a boat, a stingray, whale and weird penguin that was green.

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When I got back the tide had come in and I did not know where my bag was… I was freaking out because all my money was in there and credit cards and I had a few more weeks of travel left. Luckily there was a department in a cave for just that thing and the nice staff pointed to a pile of suitcases in the corner and motioned to look there.  (they did not speak English) and low and behold my bag was there! Lets see if things are turning around…. #justsayin

When the machines revolt…

I am not typically an astrology kinda girl… but I will have to admit this  month they were bang on.  My machines would all begin to revolt… and then they did.  Hot water tanks, computers, cars… they all started to act up… add the -40 o/c weather… and the machines had enough.

Cold weather brings problems… 4 day waits for tow trucks, 14 hour waits for call backs … slow or non existent buses.  This week I feel like a conqueror.  Letting life unfold is a tough thing for me.  A planner by trade, I organize people, events and words on pages.  Letting life happen is not part of my rule book.  Yes, I even plan for planning…

This week I let it go… I had some lovely dinners, I drank wine and sang with my friends, I worked, I slept, I lazed about, I let others take care of themselves …. and everyone survived.

This is a milestone week and I am looking forward to all it will bring….2020 will  be epic…. I have started my new book, the pages are blank and I am writing them one by one instead of a chapter at a time.

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This is my year…. 10 years in the making.


This is the year that I will wear my hair big, take care of my mind and learn to say “no thank-you”.  This is a milestone year for me… turning 50 in a few short days makes you really think about where you have been and where you want to go.

The onslaught of queries as to what am I doing for my big 5 – 0 forced me to really think about what I wanted.  I planned a lot of parties for my birthday this year and nothing stuck.  Then one day I had an epiphany… the plans are not sticking because I do not really want to do them.  So even though I love to… no big party where I invite all the guests and do the work, no trip away that costs more than I really want to spend..even though I love keeping the memories, no #itsapieparty although that will be resurrected, likely for love day, my favorite non-holiday of the year.

I spent a little time with myself and what I learnt was I did not need a party, because I am now living the life that I planned many years ago.  Among the tears, the unhappiness, being unsafe, in an unhealthy relationship, I planned my freedom choosing to be the architect of my own happiness.

I do not need a big celebration, everyday I wake up I am happy, that is a gift that I get each and every day.  It is not about the year or the milestone, it has been about the journey and I am almost there.

When you see me, with my big hair and with my bold clothes, acquired from second hand stores, know I have been reacquainted with my authentic self, I am happy, I am safe and I am free.

Got a couple more items on that list to check off this year… stay tuned it’s going to be EPIC! (to me at least …lol)

Keep it real… be yourself…this is what 50 looks like #justsayin


Trina Plamondon… see I even got my name back 🙂