This is my year…. 10 years in the making.


This is the year that I will wear my hair big, take care of my mind and learn to say “no thank-you”.  This is a milestone year for me… turning 50 in a few short days makes you really think about where you have been and where you want to go.

The onslaught of queries as to what am I doing for my big 5 – 0 forced me to really think about what I wanted.  I planned a lot of parties for my birthday this year and nothing stuck.  Then one day I had an epiphany… the plans are not sticking because I do not really want to do them.  So even though I love to… no big party where I invite all the guests and do the work, no trip away that costs more than I really want to spend..even though I love keeping the memories, no #itsapieparty although that will be resurrected, likely for love day, my favorite non-holiday of the year.

I spent a little time with myself and what I learnt was I did not need a party, because I am now living the life that I planned many years ago.  Among the tears, the unhappiness, being unsafe, in an unhealthy relationship, I planned my freedom choosing to be the architect of my own happiness.

I do not need a big celebration, everyday I wake up I am happy, that is a gift that I get each and every day.  It is not about the year or the milestone, it has been about the journey and I am almost there.

When you see me, with my big hair and with my bold clothes, acquired from second hand stores, know I have been reacquainted with my authentic self, I am happy, I am safe and I am free.

Got a couple more items on that list to check off this year… stay tuned it’s going to be EPIC! (to me at least …lol)

Keep it real… be yourself…this is what 50 looks like #justsayin


Trina Plamondon… see I even got my name back 🙂

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  1. Love this Trina!! I turned 50 in June and being your authentic self is the only way to be!! I’m right with you with the big hair and second hand clothes:) Love to you and all the best this year and always.

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