When the machines revolt…

I am not typically an astrology kinda girl… but I will have to admit this  month they were bang on.  My machines would all begin to revolt… and then they did.  Hot water tanks, computers, cars… they all started to act up… add the -40 o/c weather… and the machines had enough.

Cold weather brings problems… 4 day waits for tow trucks, 14 hour waits for call backs … slow or non existent buses.  This week I feel like a conqueror.  Letting life unfold is a tough thing for me.  A planner by trade, I organize people, events and words on pages.  Letting life happen is not part of my rule book.  Yes, I even plan for planning…

This week I let it go… I had some lovely dinners, I drank wine and sang with my friends, I worked, I slept, I lazed about, I let others take care of themselves …. and everyone survived.

This is a milestone week and I am looking forward to all it will bring….2020 will  be epic…. I have started my new book, the pages are blank and I am writing them one by one instead of a chapter at a time.

Image result for machines revolt

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