Still Ticking On…

The weather reprieve has finally arrived and it feels so good.  The things in my world are still revolting… however last night I had a dream that I left my bag on the shore to go for a swim (I know who would do that), I had a weird swim with a boat, a stingray, whale and weird penguin that was green.

Image result for swim to rock

When I got back the tide had come in and I did not know where my bag was… I was freaking out because all my money was in there and credit cards and I had a few more weeks of travel left. Luckily there was a department in a cave for just that thing and the nice staff pointed to a pile of suitcases in the corner and motioned to look there.  (they did not speak English) and low and behold my bag was there! Lets see if things are turning around…. #justsayin

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