A “tastevin” if you please…

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I think I will make the Tastevin cool again… it seems only fitting for the Head Mermaid & Sommelier of night market right?  Besides how amazing would it look with my faux fur coat, and a long silver chain adorned with a small but tasteful Tastevin? #justsayin

The Tastevin was originally designed by a winemaker in Burgundy – where a high-level wine society called the ‘Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin’ – was named after the tasting cup.

It is a relatively small, shallow silver cup or saucer, with a thumb-handle – which was and is used by winemakers and négociants when judging the maturity, quality, clarity and the taste of a wine – (typically from barrel in the cellar).

It was created to judge the clarity and colour of wine that was stored in dim, candle-lit wine cellars. There are references to the use of Tastevin’s in old manuscripts of the 14th and 15th centuries and the earliest English tastevin is dated 1603.


#yeg #nightmarketyeg #sommelier #wine #bosslady



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