Month: February 2020

I sooo tired…

Today is the moment … a pin point for celebration,  in the #365challenge2020 or whatever I call it .. you know the one – intense focus – where will I be this time next year?

I think I will just be tired… that’s it… tired.


Today is a milestone day, one I hope I will look proudly back on as the starting point of something very important.  It is part of my business plan and I am right on track….

Tonight I will hold the the inaugural meeting for the Alberta Public Market Organization.  It is much needed in a farmer’s market centric world.  I have collected an amazing table of talent, bright minds and wise counsel.  They will advise me on all matters public markets ~ for the benefit of those who operate, sell in and participate in public markets.

Each little step along the way was cataloged, but this day was a pin point and important milestone and all I can think of is how tired I am! Excitement woke me up at 4AM my brain swirling with a million thoughts, what needed to be done, what should be talked about…

It is always the same the big day comes and I am so damn excited I can’t get enough sleep to properly enjoy it!

Alas I will slog through, I know I will have some fun, be a little proud and be excited by all the next steps to come ~ even if that means a whole pile of work for me.

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A letter to myself….

Today, I wrote a letter to myself… part of my #365daychallenge2020 commitment.

I read some wise advice once about setting goals… I will admit at first I thought it was hokie; that is until I did it.   I have no idea where I read it, or I would give them credit… I am guessing the information was similar to advice you would find in other places.

The key it stated, was to describe in as much detail as you could the goal you wanted to reach, what it looked like, smelt like, sounded like, felt like.  Over describe it in as much detail as you possibly could….somehow this specificity  would focus you.  I guess because you knew exactly where you were heading.

old letter

As I typed the words to my future on the page it felt like I was writing the chapter of my life soon to come.  What was most interesting was what I saw.  I realized in a moment of self-awareness what was help along the way and what was not.  It brought a lot of sadness to me, when I had to face myself and realize I was choosing a lot “other” over me.  Other people, other activities, other thoughts, other feelings, other food, other time… the letter to myself has helped me focus on myself, I am learning to say  “no thank you” and now I know why.

Living my authentic life is deeply important to me, only I know what that truly means and no one else has to like it… I appreciate the freedoms I have and understand how different it could be, being a woman of color in a world that doesn’t always appreciate one or the other and certainly even more so together…. you do not have to agree with me, besides we can always discuss it when this life rolls into one of the next ones….

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Finally.. some new things on my list!

When I saw this lovely wall by Alisa Burke @paintyourworld I was so excited to add another new item onto my yearly bucket list… as long as I make it through the year what would I like to try, do, be explore… feel?

For a few years now there are items that continue to show up on the list… that’s ok because bucket lists have no rules.

4bucketlist…every year is a step closer to getting somewhere.  There is a place in your head where your passion, talent and happiness all intersect in almost equal circles on your venn diagram.  This is the place I see in my head… and it is a wonderful place.  Don’t get me wrong there are still things I will not enjoy doing … that is life, let’s be realistic.

Being a boss lady and growing a business takes time.  This year seemed more poignant as “50” seems like a big number in my head… thank you to all my friends of many ages who called me a ” still a baby”.   Lots of life to live they remind me.This year still felt different for so many reasons.  My life felt as though it was mine again, for the first time in a long time.  It felt good, I am my original self, mostly, not only in spirit but now in name as well.

Spending some time completing my yearly ritual, reflecting on how well I have been the architect of my happiness the last year, is always a time for sober self-reflection.  I never complete everything on the list, some things continue to be on the list because I still find them important, just need more time or the right circumstances to come together … eventually, while others fall off the list simply because I no longer find them important.

This year I did pretty good… if I do say so myself.  The key is to not over plan and mix it up with long-term goals and just makes me happy goals.

Want to create your own 2020 bucket list?  Here’s some inspiration:

For me … here’s a few things #trina’sbucketlist2020 which is a mix of business and pleasure:

  • Learn French (this one is a carry over) – I can only muddle my way through …poorly
  • Launch this years 2020 NME experience
  • Start the Alberta Public Market Organization (already under way)
  • Paint a wall
  • Upcycle some furniture to make me happy
  • Photography class
  • Get back in shape (its been a tough few years with injuries)
  • Go to an opera (tickets bought – check!)
  • Sing on an open stage (this is on my list every year.. for years, might need some singing lessons first #justsayin)
  • Play guitar (another forever item – it has switched from Oboe, piano  to guitar… we will see)
  • Enjoy my fav hot springs
  • Plan a trip

What is on board for your happiness project this year?

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