Finally.. some new things on my list!

When I saw this lovely wall by Alisa Burke @paintyourworld I was so excited to add another new item onto my yearly bucket list… as long as I make it through the year what would I like to try, do, be explore… feel?

For a few years now there are items that continue to show up on the list… that’s ok because bucket lists have no rules.

4bucketlist…every year is a step closer to getting somewhere.  There is a place in your head where your passion, talent and happiness all intersect in almost equal circles on your venn diagram.  This is the place I see in my head… and it is a wonderful place.  Don’t get me wrong there are still things I will not enjoy doing … that is life, let’s be realistic.

Being a boss lady and growing a business takes time.  This year seemed more poignant as “50” seems like a big number in my head… thank you to all my friends of many ages who called me a ” still a baby”.   Lots of life to live they remind me.This year still felt different for so many reasons.  My life felt as though it was mine again, for the first time in a long time.  It felt good, I am my original self, mostly, not only in spirit but now in name as well.

Spending some time completing my yearly ritual, reflecting on how well I have been the architect of my happiness the last year, is always a time for sober self-reflection.  I never complete everything on the list, some things continue to be on the list because I still find them important, just need more time or the right circumstances to come together … eventually, while others fall off the list simply because I no longer find them important.

This year I did pretty good… if I do say so myself.  The key is to not over plan and mix it up with long-term goals and just makes me happy goals.

Want to create your own 2020 bucket list?  Here’s some inspiration:

For me … here’s a few things #trina’sbucketlist2020 which is a mix of business and pleasure:

  • Learn French (this one is a carry over) – I can only muddle my way through …poorly
  • Launch this years 2020 NME experience
  • Start the Alberta Public Market Organization (already under way)
  • Paint a wall
  • Upcycle some furniture to make me happy
  • Photography class
  • Get back in shape (its been a tough few years with injuries)
  • Go to an opera (tickets bought – check!)
  • Sing on an open stage (this is on my list every year.. for years, might need some singing lessons first #justsayin)
  • Play guitar (another forever item – it has switched from Oboe, piano  to guitar… we will see)
  • Enjoy my fav hot springs
  • Plan a trip

What is on board for your happiness project this year?

#bucketlist #yeg #2020 #yourdream #bosslady #nightmarketyeg

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