A letter to myself….

Today, I wrote a letter to myself… part of my #365daychallenge2020 commitment.

I read some wise advice once about setting goals… I will admit at first I thought it was hokie; that is until I did it.   I have no idea where I read it, or I would give them credit… I am guessing the information was similar to advice you would find in other places.

The key it stated, was to describe in as much detail as you could the goal you wanted to reach, what it looked like, smelt like, sounded like, felt like.  Over describe it in as much detail as you possibly could….somehow this specificity  would focus you.  I guess because you knew exactly where you were heading.

old letter

As I typed the words to my future on the page it felt like I was writing the chapter of my life soon to come.  What was most interesting was what I saw.  I realized in a moment of self-awareness what was help along the way and what was not.  It brought a lot of sadness to me, when I had to face myself and realize I was choosing a lot “other” over me.  Other people, other activities, other thoughts, other feelings, other food, other time… the letter to myself has helped me focus on myself, I am learning to say  “no thank you” and now I know why.

Living my authentic life is deeply important to me, only I know what that truly means and no one else has to like it… I appreciate the freedoms I have and understand how different it could be, being a woman of color in a world that doesn’t always appreciate one or the other and certainly even more so together…. you do not have to agree with me, besides we can always discuss it when this life rolls into one of the next ones….

#myhappinessproject #yeg #bossladyyeg #nightmarketyeg #yegbiz #yeglocal #yeglife

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