I sooo tired…

Today is the moment … a pin point for celebration,  in the #365challenge2020 or whatever I call it .. you know the one – intense focus – where will I be this time next year?

I think I will just be tired… that’s it… tired.


Today is a milestone day, one I hope I will look proudly back on as the starting point of something very important.  It is part of my business plan and I am right on track….

Tonight I will hold the the inaugural meeting for the Alberta Public Market Organization.  It is much needed in a farmer’s market centric world.  I have collected an amazing table of talent, bright minds and wise counsel.  They will advise me on all matters public markets ~ for the benefit of those who operate, sell in and participate in public markets.

Each little step along the way was cataloged, but this day was a pin point and important milestone and all I can think of is how tired I am! Excitement woke me up at 4AM my brain swirling with a million thoughts, what needed to be done, what should be talked about…

It is always the same the big day comes and I am so damn excited I can’t get enough sleep to properly enjoy it!

Alas I will slog through, I know I will have some fun, be a little proud and be excited by all the next steps to come ~ even if that means a whole pile of work for me.

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